Build your own Polls application

Simple and powerful API for Polls

Polls API provides you with a powerful API to add polls to your website or application. Our secure cloud based API scales with your needs.

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Let us do the heavy-lifting for you.

Use our APIs worry-free, we scale with you. From 1 API call to 100,000,000 calls we are with you so that you focus on what's important for you.


High Security

Our APIs are secured and use transports encrypted data.


Focus on your business & we take care of your scale.

Metadata Support

Store custom data as metadata within your Polls.

Fast Response

Layers of optimizations to boost our API performance


Visualize and explore your API usage, stats and even your data

Track your usage

Track and visualize your API usage on the Dashboard. Measure the usage on a daily basis and tune for better performance.

Explore your Data

Polls API dashboard gives you the ability to explore the data right in place. View full information on all the data for your Polls.

API Documentation

Check out our documentation and learn more about our APIs and how you can use them effectively.

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Use Cases

There are many things you can do with our Polls API, from building a custom polls app like Pollsify or sub applications like Polly

Making a Quiz application just got easier with PollsAPI
Build integrated Polls in your existing applications
Create tools to collect ratings, NPS, feedback

and many more...